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Publishing house «Literary Council», established in 2013, engages in the publication and integrated promotion of literary works on the Russian and international book market.

Books published by "Literary Council" are placed on all major global platforms in  both electronic and printed form. We work with platforms such as AppStore, Google Play, Amazon, Kobo, Scribd, Bookmate, LitRes and many others.

Our publishing house dedicates a lot of its resources to copyright protection and the protection of intellectual property in general.

Not only has "Literary Council" successfully defended the rights of its authors in cases of gross violations in the past, closing various illegal Internet resources in the process, but continues to do so effectively to this day.

During the stage of preparation of a manuscript for publication, "Literary Council" provides for high-quality proofreading and editing of the original text, designs a professional layout, arranges and prepares artwork,illustrative material and an individual design for the cover. Our publishing house also provides professional literary translations and facilitates the creation of audiobooks. - "Literary Council" is currently negotiating with film studios about scripting and filming movies and TV series based on the works of our authors.

The doors of our publishing house are open to both well-known writers as well as young and new authors.

The author's portfolio of "Literary Council" consists of more than 50 names. We cooperate with eminent writers such as: Alexander Kontorovich, Vladimir Vasiliev, Vladimir Vishnevsky, Evgeniy Filenko, Dmitriy Fedorov, Andrei Kolganov, Igor Marchenko, Gennadiy Prashkevich, Anna Popova, Eugeniy Proshkin, Alexander Romanov, Konstantin Khokhryakov, Sergey Yuriev, Elena Yavorskaya and many others .

Among our younger authors we are proud to highlight the future stars: Andrei Yurich, Taleh Abbasov, Vladimir Timoffev,  Pavel Danilov, Maria Belyaeva, Vitaliy Vavikin.

Publishing house "Literary Council" is open for collaboration with new authors and guarantees compliance with all legal standards and obligations assumed under the contract. We provide active distribution of works in all available modern formats, transparent financial reporting and legal protection for the duration of the exclusive license.

"Literary Council" is a member of the Russian Book Union (RCC) and the Association of Russian Publishers (BPA).