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B2B services

We invite publishers, scientific organizations and corporate clients to cooperate with us.

A full range of services for the processing of electronic books, audiobooks and other works, their placement on the leading Russian and world platforms and Copyright Exchange.

Among our e-shops – are the leading Russian, European, American and other platforms: iTunesStore, iBooksStore, Google  Play,  Amazon, Audible,  Findaway,  Kobo,  Scribd,  Bookmate, Litres, OZON. The list of e-shops is constantly being updated.

Copyright Exchange – is a service for purchase and sale of copyrights. It allows you to purchase, pay and use for your own purposes copyright objects or liberate rights for implementation. You can purchase rights to publish and distribute books, translate, screen, publish audio recordings, perform publicly, broadcast, stage, etc.


For publishers

Expand your opportunities for the realization of works, additionally processing your content, placing and promoting it through the LIT platform at the leading Russian and world e-shops and Copyright Exchange. And also acquire the rights that interest you.



For scientific organizations


All publishing process for the scientific articles (professional proofreading, layout and export to all formats).

Protection of copyrights (the fight against the illegal placement of books on pirate resources, the fight against the illegal use of copyright texts for the compilation of paid abstracts, the fight against illegal borrowing).

Placement of scientific works in the journals included in the list of VAK.

Preparation of electronic publications for placement in the leading scientific and university libraries of the world.

The ability to purchase access to multi-user software for creating, editing and publishing scientific articles, monographs, collections, etc.

If you are interested in such services – contact our specialists.


For corporate users

You can order the publication and printing of your organization's books with its logo on the cover, order printing products with the company logo for corporate purposes. Issue a branded circulation, creation of a corporate library in traditional or digital formats. A wide range of opportunities in work with corporate content.


If you are interested in such a services — contact our specialists.


Software for the organization of a full cycle of editorial and publishing content processing, on the basis of "cloud" technology, for collectives of users.

PublishOne is a complex and easy-to-use software developed specifically for publishers, companies with large workflow and scientific organizations.

LIT is an exclusive distributor of the PublishOne product in Russia and CIS countries.
More detailed information about this software can be found on the site publishone.ru

Download the Form for sending an application to publishone@litsovet.com