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Series: Supernova fantasy
Tome: 1
Age limit: 16+
Release date: 2015
Pages: 374
eISBN: 9785000991121
pISBN: 9785906716620

God mode (Sunset Driver)

Soon there will be no cinema, no theater, no books, no newspapers, said one television worker, and his dream came true, however, television also disappeared. There came the era of morphoscripts - interactive dreams in which the user can live any fate and heroically die, and in the morning again go to work. Authors of morphoscripts are people with a special mindset, often on the verge of a psychic norm, but even against their background Victor Sigalov seems a strange person. Victor is one of the best scripters, but instead of creating bestsellers, he works as a beta tester and slowly contemplates a long-standing dream: creating a morphscript is as limitless as the real world. Once an unknown developer company invites Victor to a strange project where he understands that some dreams should remain dreams. But what to do when illusions have already become reality? To begin with - learn to distinguish between them. Roman entered the short list of the literary award "New horizons" in 2016, and also got into the long sheets of the ABS Awards of the Strugatsky brothers and the prize of the festival of fiction "Interpresscon" in 2017 and the shortlist of the Literary Prize "Filigree" in 2017.
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Evgeny Proshkin

"According to family stories, I started reading and talking at the same time. In the fifth grade I wrote the first story. By the end of the school of stories, a whole folder had accumulated, but seriously I did not take this lesson and went to the army instead of a liberal arts university. He spent two years on the fantastic island of Simushir, now abandoned as superfluous. Instead of the "Dembelian read more