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Age limit: 16+
Release date: 2014
Pages: 264
eISBN: 9785990715974
pISBN: 9785904155520

Anecdote (Anekdot)

The fate of the Russian anecdote is extremely difficult and even dramatic. For entire centuries it was stubbornly attempted to ignore it, and in fact managed quite well. This applied equally to the folk anecdote as to the literary anecdote. It did not exist as a genre. Here the anecdote becomes more than just an artistic mechanism of separate works, it forms an entire system of authors, determining their narrative style. Reading a book is transformed into an exciting research expedition following the footsteps of the anecdote in Russian literature, through which the reader becomes acquainted with the rare treasures of these literary anecdotes, as collected by this author, Included in the top 50 books of 2015 by NG-Ex Libris.
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Efim Kurganov

PhD, associate professor of Russian literature at Helsinki University, the editor of the magazine "Slavic Almanac", the author of 11 historical and literary books and several works on the theory and history of literary anecdote. read more