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Age limit: 16+
Release date: 2009
Pages: 240
eISBN: 9785990716063
pISBN: 9785904155094

The Temptation of the revolution (Iskushenie Revolyutsiey)

The publication of selected works of the remarkable writer Vladimir Sharov would not be complete without the collection of essays "The Temptation of revolution." A historian by training, a specialist in the Russian medieval studies (his PhD thesis is devoted to the Time of Troubles in the early XVII in Russia.), Vladimir Sharov remained loyal to several major subjects for him - in his literary texts, journalism and science. The most important of which is the genesis of supreme power in Russia. The origin of vertical power, its relationship with the people, the participation of the Russian authorities in the formation of the Russian religious mentality - these are the questions that author brilliantly tackles in the pages of his historical essays.
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Vladimir Sharov

Vladimir Sharov. Winner of the national awards "Big Book", "Russian Booker" and "The Big Book", writer of the year according to GQ magazine, author of historical novels and poetry collections. Over 80 000 copies sold. read more