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Age limit: 12+
Release date: 1997
Pages: 373
eISBN: 9785000990872

UFO: Enemy unknown

Only recently about the threat of an alien invasion was spoken of as something fantastic and incredible. And now a series of strange terrorist acts is prompting the most authoritative international organizations to create elite special squads to combat aliens from outer space. Knowledge of the very aggressive aliens and their technologies will have to be extracted in battles. Well, for now - the enemy is unknown.
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Vladimir Vasilyev

I do not think that there is at least one person on Earth who can clearly explain why he is writing. I - I really can not. At some point I just discovered that a hobby became a profession. Some people say: "Lucky!", Completely unaware how much work and deprivation is behind this luck . I do not advise anyone to become a writer. It so happened that I dial these lines at a time when my life starts again read more