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Age limit: 16+
Release date: 2016
Pages: 424
eISBN: 9785000992135

The Virusocracy

"And most people in all countries lived, worked, loved, and even fought, without knowing what a new invisible battle began to unfold on the planet that day ..." Humanity in different points of the planet fixes the centers of a strange and hitherto unprecedented illness: even the newest technologies do not help to solve the strange symptoms. Maybe because the virus is not a natural one, but was launched by the clan of elves, who wanted to conquer the blue planet with all its inhabitants? Earthlings are actively comprehending magic, which they call energy-informational technologies, but still lag far behind their yet unknown enemies. However, among people there are owners of unusual abilities that could oppose the army of elves. How will it end: another universal war, the destruction of the Earth, or the purification of the planet from foreign evil spirits? In any case, it will be a difficult battle ... "
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Konstantin Utolin

Konstantin Utolin is a talented person, a luck always smiles to him, like to everyone who happened to live in the era of change, his biography is far from banalities and cliches. He has three higher educations (physicist - graduated from MEPI, mathematician - MIEM, financier - RASHiGS). Behind the service in the Ministry of Defense of the USSR, special reconnaissance of the Navy, after the collapse read more