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Series: Blades
Tome: 2
Age limit: 12+
Release date: 1996
Pages: 226
eISBN: 9785000990926

A thousand castles

The search led the heroes into an unthinkably distant and alien world, where for ever the Eight peoples' war lasts for numerous castles, and in the ruins there are also not peaceful artifacts guarded by otherworldly creatures. Aliens from a different world are in different countries, and now, before continuing their hard way, they must rejoin. Only then they will be able to find the coveted casket and return home.
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Vladimir Vasilyev

I do not think that there is at least one person on Earth who can clearly explain why he is writing. I - I really can not. At some point I just discovered that a hobby became a profession. Some people say: "Lucky!", Completely unaware how much work and deprivation is behind this luck . I do not advise anyone to become a writer. It so happened that I dial these lines at a time when my life starts again read more