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Age limit: 12+
Release date: 1992
Pages: 266
eISBN: 9785000990933

Three Steps to Dunkarten

In space for many years the war between two star empires Hobart and Pelomen has not ceased. The pilot Hobart, shot down in battle, by will of fate is thrown to the feudal planet, on which the two kingdoms are equally inimical. Left without the usual weapons and communications, the hero is forced to fight with a sword in his hand to win the chance of return. His intervention in the history of this world becomes the first step to change - and now the agents of Pelomena begin to lead their own game, not fully understood by Dunkaarten. And, of course, no one knows what it will eventually lead to.
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Vladimir Vasilyev

I do not think that there is at least one person on Earth who can clearly explain why he is writing. I - I really can not. At some point I just discovered that a hobby became a profession. Some people say: "Lucky!", Completely unaware how much work and deprivation is behind this luck . I do not advise anyone to become a writer. It so happened that I dial these lines at a time when my life starts again read more