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Age limit: 16+
Release date: 2017
Pages: 460
eISBN: 9785000993217
pISBN: 9785904155643


In the novel by Vladimir Medvedev "Zakhkhok" comes to life the exotic and terrible world of Central Asia. Location - Tajikistan, time - civil war of the early 1990s. In the center of the novel is the fate of the Russian family, unwillingly left in the mountains of the Pamirs and fallen into the hands of the new masters of the country. The author is also from Tajikistan. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian people left the imperial outskirts, as the Romans, Spaniards, Englishmen and French used to leave the colonies, but they took the world away on the soles of their shoes. Born from the remaining dust on them, Zakhkhok testifies that the disappeared empire continues to live in the Russian word.
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Vladimir Medvedev

Vladimir Medvedev was born in Transbaikalia, on Lake Kinon, in early childhood was brought to Tajikistan, where he lived most of his life. He worked as a fitter, a worker in a geological squad, a teacher in a kishlak school, a newspaper correspondent, a photo reporter, a sports coach, a patent expert in the design office, an editor in the literary magazines Pamir and Friendship of Peoples. Author of the book "Hunting with Cukuy". read more