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Gift Certificate





It is often difficult to choose a gift, even for those you already know for a long time. In these cases, a Gift Certificate for services becomes a good present, because, firstly, it is precisely connected with the interests and needs of the person, and secondly, it remains valid for a long time, allowing its owner to use it at his own discretion. A Gift Certificate is especially appropriate when you do not want to give something material, but strive to make a person happy by guessing their desires.

For example, your friend is a young author who is writing his first book, but does not dare to publish it. If you present a Gift Certificate for the publication of a book to him, it will not only encourage him to finish his work as soon as possible, but also shows that you believe in it, and want to get the first copy of the finished book.

You can also suggest the idea of publishing a book or other work to your friends, even if they did not know about it themselves. If your friend is a person with an interesting biography, it is possible that his memoirs will be popular with readers. A Gift Certificate can give him an idea of writing a book - or contact us, so that we find a suitably experienced author to help him.

You can buy a Gift Certificate not only for publishing books, but also for other types of creative activity: creating a video or opening a YouTube channel, recording an audiobook, organizing a meeting with readers and much more. In the end, the Gift Certificate can be extended to the complex promotion of the works of the person and himself as an author on specialized sites, in the media and social networks.

If your friend, colleague or relative is a creative person, you know that it is often difficult for them to show their creations to the mass public. Competition in any field of art is very high, but this does not mean that the author will not find his audience. Get a Gift Certificate for him and motivate him to make his works available to the reader, viewer or listener.

Gift Certificates are valid for all services.