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October 25-26 JSC "Literary Council" will present a report at the International Conference VINITI RAS "INFORMATION IN THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD"


October 25-26, 2017, VINITI RAS will host an international conference on the 65th anniversary of VINITI RAS "INFORMATION IN THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD".

The LIT platform is a participant of the conference and will present a report on working with content, copyrights and related technologies.Theme of the report: "Modern technologies of work with content and intellectual property".

Modern technologies of working with content and intellectual property suggest convenient tools that allow users:
- manage the process of creating content;
- realize the finished work or the rights to it;
- to record the occurrence and transfer of copyright.

The Internet platform LIT performs the solution of these issues in the electronic content markets in Russia and abroad on a commercial basis.

These processes are currently actively developing in the world. LIT technologies are useful for organizations and the scientific sector for collective work with content and intellectual property.

More information about the conference on the website of VINITI RAS.