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26-27 March 2018 representatives of LIT took part in Congress "BLOCKCHAINRF-2018", held in WTC by Information and Analytical Center RACIB


The largest congress in Russia about the development of blockchain-technologies has gathered more than 2000 participants - developers of software products and IT integrators, crypto traders and crypto investors, representatives of regulators, legislative and executive authorities, equipment suppliers, large and small miners, team members planning to enter the ICO, crypto foundations, consulting companies.

More than 200 key persons and leading experts of the digital economy spoke: regulators, practitioners, economists, financiers, developers, lawyers, investors, including such persons as G. Klimenko, S. Glaziev, D. Titov, A. Aksakov , A. Lyubimov, D. Marinichev, D. Mednikov.

The theme of blockchain-technology is gaining an increasing development and it is interesting for all participants of the digital economy, more and more specialists are involved in the process of implementing blockchain-technologies.

More and more often experts are asking the questions of their practical application and of gaining an economical benefit from this technology for a variety of industries, including in the real sector.