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Representatives of JSC "Lit" took part in the annual London Book Fair and Copyright conference "Introduction to the Rights" on April 9-12, 2018


The Copyright Conference covered the main working issues relating to the selection of the rights, contracts concludig, identification of rights-holders in the process of execution of transactions of copyright and related rights trading. Leading world experts has  shared their experience and working methods in this area.

During the book exhibition, leading representatives of the book publishing industry and Copyright dealers from all over the world, traditionally held many meetings, negotiations, as well as events, seminars and presentations covering a wide range of topics in this market.

Work with the book, content and Copyright in electronic format is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, we can note the general qualitative decline of an interest to auto-"selfpublishing" services, the trend of working with content at the professional level, the enlargement of web-sites for working with content.

Developing of complex professional IT solutions in the field of publishing processes and Copyright trading is very actual and going on actively.