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After investing in your book, inform your target audience about it. Today authors can easily publish their works, and easily get lost in the mass of books and other content freely posted on the Internet. The earnings and fame of the author today are developing according to the general laws of the market. To work effectively with your content, it is profitable to consider it as a business.
The success and sales of the book largely depends on how well the author is known, and how well the target audience is prepared for the release of his new work. Uncover the strategy of promoting not only your content, but yourself as an author.
Promote yourself as an author, and your content as a product. Packages of complex solutions for promotion on the Internet and in media will help you. Promo-videos for placing on your page in social networks or on YouTube, meeting with the audience - a comprehensive story about you and your work. If necessary, we will create a web-site containing comprehensive information and links to your works posted on trading platforms, specificallly for you.
Bring your bravest ideas and dreams to life!
Professional managers will develop individual promotion activities in social networks for you, organize presentations and meetings with the audience and journalists, conduct advertising campaigns in the media. Business cards and cards of your book for a quick purchase and for gifts. Annotation for your work or review from a famous author, a gift edition.
To realize your idea, you can open a crowd funding project and find like-minded people who will also be interested in this idea. But without the full support of the project, people can not even learn about it. We will help with the integrated promotion, of your crowd-funding project in order to attract maximum attention of the target audience.