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Crowdfunding is a popular way to raise money for an interesting project. Such a project may be a book, a social video, a board game, an art object or even an entire festival. At the same time, the real purpose of crowdfunding is not to replenish the lack of a budget, but to find out whether your idea is interesting to someone else.

But there are hundreds of ideas born every day, lots of projects are being created, and information about them comes to our attention through social networks, favorite sites or advertising. Even the most interesting idea can "drown" among vast amounts of content with which we interact daily.

JSC "Literary Council" offers services for the opening and proper conducting of crowdfunding projects. We will organize and form a correct page for your project, as well as take on the complex promotion of the project so that the largest possible segment of your target audience will learn about it. Without comprehensive PR support it is difficult to find exactly those readers, viewers or listeners for whom you have created your works. It is therefore very important to tell your target audience about the project qualitatively, offering it to become its sponsor.

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