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Print your book in any number of copies

If you have a ready-made book layout, then you can calculate an approximate cost of printing your book.
If your book requires editorial or publishing work, then go to the "Publish an ebook" and select the "Advanced" package.
Our specialists will prepare your book for printing in a format of your choosing.

Calculate the cost of printing your book


Amount of pages


Number of copies





Total for 1 copy

Total print edition

The cost is preliminary. You can use it to make a decision and for payment.
After the payment you will be able to login to your personal account and complete the necessary documents.
After uploading your manuscript, the cost may be adjusted.

Additionally you can order a translation service:
  • Printing using different paper and other formats
  • Exclusive binding, incl. leather
  • Printing of super-covers
  • Gift boxes production

  • Did not find a ready solution? Ask our specialist and order a personal service package